You’ve finally saved the money, taken the time off work, booked your flights, purchased your Mickey Ears and then that little pink line shows up!

You’re pregnant and have just booked the most magical vacation and now you’re wondering if you should cancel.
Having been pregnant recently in the park I am here to tell you how you can have the best Disney vacation even if you’re pregnant!

Won’t my feet get too tired?

Honestly, not anymore than a normal persons would. Wear comfortable shoes! And if you’re staying on site like we did you can go back to the room for a few hours.

What if I need to rest?

At both Disneyland and Walt Disney World there are always plenty of spots to sit and relax.
On a busy park day at peak time (noon-3ish) should you have a hard time finding a good spot to rest there are Baby Centers located throughout the parks.
Yes, these are designed for moms with babies but they are more than willing to accommodate pregnant visitors with a cool, comfortable environment to prop your feet. Most cast members will even refer you there.

I’m always hungry or thirsty!

Disney is exceptional in allowing outside food in the parks. Pack a bag or backpack with snacks and bottles of water to get you through a few hours in the park. Money saving and blood sugar dip friendly! Not to mention the abundance of snacks they offer at low prices.

Great! No rides for me.

Not true.
True that almost every single ride (if not all) will have signage that displays the warning “expecting mothers should not ride”.  Use your best judgment, I don’t think you’ll risk any harm by riding Dumbo!

Here’s a list of rides I rode comfortably at Disneyland:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Star Tours (this is a gray area as it is turbulent and can be nauseating)
3. Tow Mater Truck Towing (California Adventures)
4. Car Racer (California Adventures)
5. Haunted Mansion

Those are merely the rides I rode, there are far more that I would have been comfortable riding.

Rides I do NOT recommend:
1. Hyperspace/Space Mountain
2. Splash Mountain (comes to an abrupt stop with a lap bar)
3. Teacups (spinning= upset stomach)
4. Indiana Jones (extremely rough and bumpy and stops harshly with a lap bar)
5. Big Thunder
6. California Screamin (California Adventures)

Never once did I feel like my little bundle of joy was in harm or keeping me from enjoying myself.

Now what other questions do you have about being pregnant in the parks?
Have a question about having a newborn in the parks? Comment below and I’d be happy to share my experience with having my 3 mo. old niece with us.