Have you ever found yourself preparing for vacation and thinking: “Isn’t this trip supposed to be taking me away from all of my stress?”

While trips to the Disney parks and Universal can be the epitome of a good time for children of all ages the amount of information and options can be overwhelming to the point of distraction. Or stress.

From worrying about when to book your hotel down to what to pick off the menu of where you finally decided to eat, the likelihood of becoming exacerbated increases! However, I’m here to let you in on something…one of the most beautiful and luxurious items Disney has to offer is it’s best kept secret: a travel agent!

It’s Free

Say what? YES! Booking through certified Disney travel agents like Jen Novak, with Ears of Experience is 100% free for you!

They’re Experts

Disney’s College of Knowledge is literally a course that new hires with certain companies must complete prior to beginning to take on clients. So when we say “experts” we mean business! These agents must acquire the knowledge about the parks and history and then apply it.

They Do the Dirty Work For You

Let’s say you decide you want to stay in the park from this day to this day and this is your budget. Who wants to spend days, maybe even weeks, searching the best prices/deals on one tiny (yet major) portion of your vacation? Not me!

Most agents will have a website that allows you to input this information for a free quote. But what you don’t see is the behind the scenes,  long phone calls, waiting on hold, business that these agents will do just to get you the best deal for YOUR needs.

Combine this with their knowledge of the locations, the accommodations themselves and the staff, they already have an advantageous starting point to bring Disney’s best offer for you to the table.

Relevant Information

My personal travel agent and friend, Jen Novak, is required by her company (Ears of Experience) to attend conferences, seminars, and meetings multiple times a year, if not more frequently.

This ensures that the agents are remaining knowledgeable and relaying information that is accurate and relevant. That means, for you, that the information your agent is displaying for you is the most up to date. You’ll be hard pressed to find that kind of relevancy anywhere else!

Knowledge is Power

Because of the constant training and visits these agents make to the parks they will have the best insight into the parks unknowns. This also makes it easier for them to get a feel for what your family needs will be and what to offer instead of the cookie cutter package.

For example, if you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing the parks before you may not know that lunch and dinner time crowds are so chaotic that you almost have to make a reservation. Unless, of course, you like waiting 50 minutes to eat. Or you like eating dinner at 8 pm.

This is where having a travel agent in your back pocket will prove to be a blessing. Agents can already predict, based off of the time of year you’re going and the eating habits of your family, what to suggest. If you have children then she knows you’ll most likely be eating at popular times and not have the capability of waiting for a table.

Special Services

Whether it’s a need for wheelchair access, stroller parking, quiet areas, or the like- trying to research what the park has to offer for these situations on your own is no easy task.

While all parks have to accommodate for these situations, they don’t exactly make the information stand out for you.

Let your travel agent do the digging for you! Most likely they already know the answers better than your veteran Annual Passholder whose been there 25 times does. It’s like having a cast member on speed dial!

Personal Countdown

One of the most popular questions I see across the internet usually starts out like: “When should I do …..” or “How soon should I get my fastpasses?”

This is one of the many reasons I am flabbergasted when people say they don’t use a travel agent! I don’t know about you but I work full time, have a house full of kids and a husband. On top of that I have to operate off of multiple calendars and planners just for my everyday life. If someone else wants to do all the dirty work for me AND tell me when I need to do stuff? It’s like Christmas to me.

Getting an email every few days to weeks reminding me that it’s time to reserve my character breakfast makes my experience on my vacation that much more amazing.

Guinea Pigs

Yep, I said it. Truth be told, travel agents are kind of like guinea pigs.

They’ve stood in the ridiculously long lines just to test out how long that new ride line is without a fast pass. That new menu item you’ve been dying to try? Your travel agent just endured taste bud suicide and wasted $12 just to tell you to steer clear!

They’ve endured the rainy season and sweltering heat just to report back and say “here’s how to handle the park when it’s 110 degrees.” And they attend all of the overcrowded opening events so that when you book a trip they can say “oh my gosh, if you love Star Wars, you have to try this”.

So yes, in a way they’ve trial and error-ed the parks for you so you don’t have to experience any negativity. Or at least they provide you with the information so you know ahead of time what you’re getting into and can make that decision for yourself.

Advocate For You

Standing at the airport waiting on the shuttle and it doesn’t show? Call your TA (travel agent).

Are you awoken at 2:00 am because someone decided to lay pipe on that ride across from your hotel? Call your TA.

Make a reservation and have them tell you when you arrive that you’ll have to sit separate due to your party size? Call your TA.

Obviously I’ve experienced one or two of these very specific examples during my stay at Disney. Not only did Jen (my TA) take the reigns so I could enjoy the rest of my trip, but she was angry for me!

When your travel agent reacts passionately to something that isn’t even happening to them you know that they have chosen to become invested in you and your experience. You are not just a paycheck to them. Honestly at this point she was getting paid for my trip so it would have been all to easy for her to say “Gosh I’m sorry that happened” and erased me from her memory forever.

Your vacation experience is their vacation experience. At least that’s the way it should be.

Peace of Mind

Why spend your hard earned money on a vacation if you aren’t going to be blissfully happy experiencing it?

Booking a travel agent will bring you a peace of mind in knowing that your family is well taken care of. Also, your needs are of utmost importance to an individual who has knowledge of the parks.

It’s a simple few clicks away to begin your dream vacation with Jen as your TA. Simply visit her at www.jenknowsthemouse.com and click “mom on mainstreet” so she knows I sent you!

What is your favorite aspect of booking through a travel agent company? Leave it below in the comments.